Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) Review

The Victorian Governement is currently reviewing the Residential Tenancies Act  - the law that governs the rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants. Significant changes to the legislation have been proposed in the Government's options paper Heading for Home released in Janurary this year. The NextRE together with the REIV strongly oppose many of the these reforms, including:

- Changes to the notice periods around ending a lease, which may result in landlords losing the right to end a tenancy agreeement completely;
- Allowing tenants to make non-structual modifications to rental properties without the landlord's permission;
- Removal of the landlords right to consent, or refuse pets; and
- The introduction on minimum rental property standards, despite standards already existing under the National Construction Code.

NextRE is working closeley with the REIV to help stop these changes from becoming a reality. You can contribute to this effort by:

1. Contacting the Government
Email the Governement and your local MP to give them your feedback about the changes. Click here for a full list of local MP's. The REIV also have a template letter than can assist you.

2. Signing the Petition
Click here to sign the REIV's petition.