Vacating Checklist

The final inspection guide provides tenants with a checklist as to what is required prior to vacating a property. 


1. Stove (especially behind the stove), griller and drip trays to be cleaned.


2. Exhaust fan covers to be removed and cleaned.


3. All cupboards, (inside and out) to be left and all personal items to be removed.


4. Particular attention is to be paid to the bathroom, toilet and bathroom cabinet.  The shower recess is to be scrubbed and grouting to be free of all soap residue and mildew.  Shower screens and curtains to be washed. 


5. All floors and all skirting boards to be washed.


6. Windows and window sills to be cleaned thoroughly.  Marks to be removed

from walls, cobwebs to be removed.


7. Carpet is to be cleaned as per the lease agreement.


8. Lawns to be moved and edges trimmed.  Flower beds and pebble areas to be

weeded.  No rubbish to be left in garden.


9. Driveway, carport and all concrete areas to be free from oil and grease stains.


For a full bond refund the property must be left clean and presentable.


10. Upon vacating, please ensure that the main power switch is turned to the OFF position.


11. Return the following items to our office:


·        Keys by 10am, otherwise additional rent will be charged.

·        Rentcard

·        Carpet cleaning receipt

·        Forwarding Address


12.  Arrange for re-direction of your mail, as all mail will only be forwarded to you from this office up to the time the bond is refunded.  After this time the mail will be returned to sender.


13.  If you have been paying rent by direct debit through the 1300 309 011 phone number, please ensure you contact your bank to stop further payments.