Why Choose IRE

At Inner Real Estate NextRE we understand that your decision to invest in property is a considered choice. We recognise that there are many other investment options and that your primary objective is to receive a return on your property investment. We also understand that you want the management of your investment to be a seamless experience. You simply want money deposited into your bank regularly to offset the cost of finance, you want assest protection through quality tenant selection, timely maintenance and you want clear communication. 
1. We respond to ALL prospective tenant enquiries on the same day we receive them, regardless of the method of enquiry. 
2. We have a tenant inspection booking system which allow a prospective tenant to inspect the property when it suits them. 
3. Generally people that have a job and work, make good tenants, therefore we understand showing properties during business hours is not always practical, we still show your property after hours!
4. Your property is listed on all major websites including IRE.com.au for maximum exposure. 
5. We diligently maintain our prospective tenant database with regular alerts emailed which suit their criteria. 
6. We give you accurate feedback. 
7. We have an excellent working relationship with a large number of relocation agents. 
8. Inner Real Estate NextRE company Directors who are 100% hands on from listing to leasing and managing right through to disbursing your money to your bank account. 
9. Leasing your property is our number one priority.
1. We carry out an extremely thorough property condition report prior to nay tenant moving into your property with photos of your complete property including, fixtures and fitting and furniture if property is offered furnished.
2. We have a strict quality control on any new management we take on, good properties attracts good tenants!
3. We have quality assured systems and procedures to ensure that you, your property and your tenant are having matter attended to immediately and efficently. 
4. We have a very diligent tenant screening process. 
5. We carry out thorough routine inspections of your property and provide you an accurate report with photos, as a minimum every 6 months. 
Our services to clients does not begin and end with letting your property. We apply the highest standards of professionalism to all areas of property management including:
1. We use the industry leading property management software, providing you with the very best financial statements. 
2. Zero tolerance rent arrears, whilst we manage a very small portfolio, we manage it well, and so far our rent arrears list does not exist! Everyone of our tenants rent is paid on time, consistently. 
3. Tenants are what make investment properties work, and when a tenant has a problem we sort it out. 
4. We look after your tenant, so they look after your property. 
5. We work on the theory that prevention is better than cure, where possible, we identify problems before they occur. 
6. We are a Memeber of the Real Estate Institute of Vicotira (REIV) and operate in within the REIV members code of conduct.