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Top Tips For Tenants

DECIDE on Your Needs Up Front. 
Do you need a house or a flat? One bedroom or three? What is your budget?

UNDERSTAND the Process. 
If you see a property you are interested in, we advise you to have a look at the property from the outside.  If it suits your location needs and is something you would like to inspect more closely please call our office to arrange an inspection.  All of our properties can by inspected by appointment only.

ARRANGE Referees. 
When you find a property you like and want to submit an application, you’ll need to supply referees. It helps to have all their details on hand and to have sought their approval before providing their details.

KNOW your Rights and Duties

Did you know you have a legal obligation, as a tenant, to have viewed the property before signing a lease?

The Residential Tenancy Act details your rights and responsibilities as a tenant. Download your copy of Consumer Affairs Victoria: Renting a home – A guide for tenants and landlords

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