It's described as a city within a city.  The development of the old waterside Docklands site in Melbourne's immediate west is a huge and complex urban renewal project that will continue for the next decade.

Docklands is the newest Melbourne suburb, located on land adjacent to Southern Cross railway station, the central city and industrial areas offers a range of entertainment marinas, parks, public arworks, waterfront restaurants and shops, residential, research, education, technology, and business activities.

Docklands is similar in size to Melbourne's central business districk and six times the size of Sydney's Circular Quay.

It has being developed, mostly by private sector investment, with development being staged to meet market demand, with each precinct planned to complement its neighbour.

Almost half of the area's developed space is being used for residential development, with over 8,000 apartments.  It is estimated that 20,000 residents will be living in Docklands in the next 15 to 20 years.  Docklands is changing the look and feel to Melbourne.  It will attrack an estimated 20 million visitors each year and be a workplace for 20,000 people. The continued develpment is projected to create about 3,000 construction and permanent jobs each year.

Improved transport links, including road extensions, tram lines and river boats, area ensuing Docklands is well connected with surrounding areas.