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Why Inner?


we’re championing outstanding, professional service for the industry


we refuse to accept commissions and remain unbiased


we make our lot owners a priority and regularly provide easily accessible information and events

Financial Management

we understand the numbers, so you don’t have to, providing full transaction and budget reports to lot owners

Inner Owners Corporation

Your trusted adviser when it comes to owners corporation management. Experience exceptional service, communication and financial management.

What we do

We’ve operated a successful sales and property management business in Melbourne since 2008, diversifying into owners corporation management in 2019. Our transparent approach is supported by exceptional service, efficient communication and rigorous financial management.

Why choose Inner Owners Corporation?

Your owners corporation manager should be the trusted adviser you can rely on to maintain your common property and best handle your funds. Having experienced the industry firsthand, we identified significant opportunities to improve the quality of owners corporation management.
This is why the way we work is different from most agencies.

Our Approach

Exceptional service

Owners corporations commonly appoint a manager either on completion of a development or if there is significant dissatisfaction with an existing manager. Many lot owners and committees are accustomed to underwhelming service. We’re committed to changing this and we’re championing outstanding, professional service for the industry as a whole.

Full transparency

We’re not remunerated through a mix of commissions and management fees. Instead, we offer a flat fee per lot. By refusing to accept commissions from insurance brokers or other service providers, we can remain unbiased in all decisions. This is in the best interests of lot owners.

Efficient communication

We regularly communicate with all lot owners and committee members, including via Microsoft Teams. All clients also have access to our online portal where you can share building updates in real-time. Any call communications are treated as a priority and responded to within two business hours.

Rigorous finacial management

We understand the numbers, so you don’t have to. We attend every meeting armed with detailed reporting to answer all your questions on the spot. All transaction records are made available for lot owners to view on request. Any budget overruns or major item expenditure is always communicated to the committee.

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