Order OC Certificate

It is important to confirm the lot and plan of subdivision number you are placing an order for prior to requesting an OC certificate.

Lots affected by multiple Owners Corporations will need to purchase a certificate for each Owners Corporation associated to the lot/s. Each lot you intend to sell will require a separate Owners Corporation Certificate, this applies to car spaces and storage cages that have separate lot numbers assigned to them. If you are unsure if your lot is affected by multiple Owners Corporations or has separate titles, please contact Inner Owners Corporation on 03 9804 5551 for further assistance.

Information provided within an Owners Corporation certificate is valid for a period of 60 days only. Applicants who has purchased an OC Certificate may obtain an update free of charge within 60 days from the date of issue. Third parties cannot request an updated OC Certificate if they were not the original applicant.

A new application will need to be submitted after the 60 day period has lapsed.